Chapter Thirteen

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Discussion Questions

After reviewing the 3 P’s and their definitions, would you say your Christian walk exemplifies each? Why or why not?

After reading my confessions of “the real truth behind my checklist,” were there any of the traps or shortcuts I mentioned to which you have fallen prey as well?

Have you adopted the (wrong) impression that God’s love is based on your performance? Have you adopted the (wrong) impression that your heavenly reward is NOT based on your performance of God’s call on your life (both the general work of the kingdom to which all believers are called as well as the specific call on your life)?

Do you know people who have fallen into the bondage of the law (checklist)? Some would call these people legalistic, and they can be, but often the term legalistic implies you judge others and attempt to get them to be like you. There are people who do not judge others’ walks yet are still very legalistic with their own. In other words, legalism can be well-hidden. On the flip side, do you know people who use grace as an excuse to give their flesh full rein and live like the world? What are some ways you could avoid falling into either trap (the legalistic side or the flesh-ruled side)?

Go back to the “How Rich Are You” section. Using the hypothetical checklists as a guide, what is your current net worth in Heaven?

Review the “Mirror, Mirror” section of the chapter. With your life up to this point in mind, how good looking would you be in Heaven? What quality of apparel would you be sporting?

Is there anyone in your life who you need to forgive? Do you have a “I hope God gets them” list?

If greatness is based on servanthood (and it is), how great would you say you are? Would others agree? Would God agree?

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