The Eye Gate Part 2

The other way that I need to be more stringent with what I allow in my eye gate is with respect to impact for God’s kingdom. You may be thinking, Mark, that’s a good thing. Yes, you’re right, but it’s one of those things that the enemy can taint with man’s eyes. He can taint an otherwise good intention by getting me/us to compare ourselves with others.

I have a deep desire to impact the world with the love of God, as I’m sure you do as well, so what do we do? The tendency is to think, If I had a full-time teaching ministry like this person or if I could pastor a church like that person, think of everyone I could reach. Friends, that’s the quickest way to shoot ourselves in the feet. God made us all unique and He uses us in different ways as well.

Remember when David was about to go out and confront Goliath? King Saul offered his armor to David, but after trying it on, David refused. Simply put, it didn’t fit. It wasn’t him. Instead of trying apply this person’s methods or that person’s marketing, it’s best to focus on God’s movement–in you and through you. Do that, and God will cause all the other things to fall into place.

Just like in Part 1 of this post, in my opinion, we need to be very careful with our wording and our focus. For example, yes, God has a call on my life just like He has a call on your life. However, if I focus on my call, my life, my ministry, my this or that, it’s not long before that little possessive pronoun will lead us to assume control because we think it’s our right. And as soon as we start taking control , we limit ourselves. Rather, I try to make a point of saying, “Here I am, Lord, send me. I submit to You. Your will be done in my life. It’s all about You. You are worthy of all honor, glory, power and praise. I am Yours.”

The world’s-eye view makes it all about us. A true servant realizes it’s all about God.