Chapter Three

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Discussion Questions

When you read God’s Word, do you savor it like the living food for your spirit that it is, or do you rush through it? Do you continue to mull over what you read throughout the day and into the night? How many Scriptures have you memorized? When is the last time you memorized a Scripture? Memorization has some value, but what you do with that memorized Scripture is what matters. (I could memorize vocabulary words, and their meanings, but that does no good unless I can use them in the context of a sentence.) Do you memorize Scriptures such that you can speak the Word in the context of your life situations?

When you hear the Word preached at church, do you tend to listen more to things you have not heard before than you do to things you have?

Do you know who you are in Christ? If someone were to ask you who you are in Christ and what you can do through Christ, how many Scriptures could you quote? The enemy is an identity thief. He wants to steal your knowledge of the truth of Christ in you (or prevent you from knowing those truths in the first place). Do you know those truths? Do you realize that those truths will take the limits off? As mentioned in the book, many people err on one of two sides: they either put themselves down and severely limit what Christ can do through them or they puff themselves up and severely limit what Christ can do through them. Have you erred on either of those sides?

Have you ever had people who only approach you when they want something from you? How does that make you feel? How do you think God feels when we only approach Him when we want something from Him? How often have you awakened and asked, “God, what can I do for You today?”

When is the last time you went somewhere that would not remind you of your to-do list (you ventured outside your home or place of work), got alone with God, turned off any music, shut off your phone, and just sat quietly before the Lord and listened?

Try your best to remember all the prayers you have prayed over the past thirty days. If God happened to grant all the requests you made of Him, would anyone else besides you notice improvements in his or her life? If you have a hard time remembering, start keeping a prayer journal and jot down the things you pray, making a point to notice how much of your prayers are for you versus for others.

If you were held at gunpoint and given one minute to sing whatever song you wanted to sing before you were executed for your beliefs, what song would it be? More importantly, how would you sing it? Would you not sing it in such a way that invited the power of God to fall in a mighty and miraculous way? Is that how you sing in your daily private worship or your corporate worship at church? If not, why not?

Additional Resources

Suggested Reading:
Knowing Scripture by R. C. Sproul (a book on how to study the Bible)

The Master Is Calling by Lynn Hammond (a book on prayer)

Extravagant Worship by Darlene Zschech