Chapter Six

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Discussion Questions

With the newly clarified definition of love in mind, when is the last time you truly showed love to someone and how did you do it? When is the last time you hated someone (with the book’s definition in mind) and how did you do it?

Think back to the last time you did a kind deed for someone and he or she did not return the favor in any way or thank you for your gesture. How did you react?

Describe a situation in which you stood idly by when someone needed help. What was it that kept you from acting? What was the result?

Would you say that you live your daily life in such a way that it gives you a platform from which you could share your faith without people being surprised that you are a Christian? Why or why not? If your answer was yes, how often do you use that platform to actually share the good news of the gospel?

Describe a situation in which you acted on someone else’s behalf, but you did not do as much as you could have done. What held you back?

If everything you said over the course of the past seven days had been digitally recorded and placed into one of three category files (constructive, destructive, or idle babbling), which would be the most full? Which would be the least full?

With regard to giving money, are there times that God has stirred your heart to give to someone or something and you did not respond? Are there times when you gave money when God wanted you to give of yourself?

Over the past year, if God had kept track of every single dollar you spent, would He find you spending more on consumables or investing more in lastables?

Additional Resources

For the next seven days, keep a time budget by logging everything that you do and the time it takes to do it. At the end of the seven days, tally up the various categories and order them from most time spent to least time spent. Ask yourself the following questions:
1. What activities are wasting my time?
2. What activities can I not eliminate?
3. In what ways can I multitask for some activities?
4. What did I learn from this?
5. Are there areas that need to be re-prioritized?