Chapter Nine

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Discussion Questions

Describe a situation in which you spoke the truth, but did not do it in love. What was the result? Describe a situation in which you sugar-coated the truth so much that the other person missed what you were trying to say. What approach, actions, and words are necessary in order to find the balance between those two extremes?

When you are a sold-out, radical Christian, your actions and words will display truth in action, with love as the foundation. Despite the fact that love is the foundation, the very fact that truth is evident (and exposes sin for what it is) will cause people to revile you, persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely. Are you ready for that? Do you currently experience these kinds of struggles? If not, why not? Are you not being the salt and light you should be? Salt purifies. Light exposes. Are you being salt? Are you letting your light shine? Or are you hiding your light, trying to live as a secret-agent Christian?

Going back to the “God’s Handiwork” illustration, are you a part of the group who just stood there watching, or a part of those who chose to look away? Do you vote for pro-life candidates? Do you do more than that?

Would the people you know who engage in homosexual behavior say that you care for them? When is the last time you hugged someone with AIDS? We are to love people out of Hell, not wave at them and say, “Good riddance,” as they fall ever closer. Restore the individuals but resist the movements. Have you been caught up in the “Christian” groups that resist the people? Is that what Jesus would do? Have you been caught up in the group that embraces the movements (i.e. those denominations that have caved to cultural and/or political pressure)? Is that being salt and light?

Review the list of six actions we can take to change the course of our nation. Which, if any, of those do you currently do or not do? Why or why not?

In what cases have you had to show tough love? What was the result? In what cases do you wish you had shown tough love? Why?

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