Chapter Five

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Discussion Questions

Do you currently attend church on a regular basis? If so, why? Do you go out of a sense of duty, or do you go because you desire to be better equipped for works of service? If you do not go to church regularly, why not?

To how many of the seven “what to look for in a church” questions could you answer yes?

If you are bored with church, or not attending at all, to how many of the seven questions I posed to you could you answer yes?

Have you ever left one church to attend another? If so, why? Was it due to hurt, offense, or your needs not being met? How do you know you weren’t just super-sensitive or overly needy?

Have you ever felt unfairly judged by others? Have you ever unfairly judged others by assuming that you can accurately tell what is inside their heart?

When is the last time you heard teaching that you felt was out of line with the Word of God? What was your reaction? Did you speak against that minister to others or did you get into the Word and study it out for yourself?

Have you ever judged/heralded others based on the “stuff” they have or don’t have?

Think about the amount of time you spend in our own study of God’s Word versus listening to or reading the teaching CDs or books of others. On which side do you spend more time?