Money Back Guarantee

Do you know any authors who offer a full, money back guarantee on a book? Now you do. I am offering this guarantee because for most people, money is tight these days. So, to help alleviate any concern you might have that what you invest in a book will not add value to your life, I am offering this guarantee:

(Note: This guarantee only applies to the print version of the book.)

1) Buy the book from this website (this guarantee does not apply to books purchased elsewhere).
2) Begin reading the book as soon as you receive it and avoid writing/marking/underlining in it. The guarantee is only good within 30 days of the date of purchase. In addition, the book must be in re-sellable shape (I’ll still have to sell it as a used book, even without being marked up).
3) Finish reading the book in its entirety (because context is extremely important). If the book is not worth every cent you paid for it, contact me using the form on this website, placing the word “guarantee” in the subject line.
4) If you prove you read the whole book (I may ask some very easy questions in that regard), I will buy the book back from you for what you paid for it (including what you paid for shipping) and I will pay for the return shipping as well.

So there you go. No risk, no obligation, not one red cent that you pay if you are not fully satisfied.

Here to serve,

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