Spring Book Sale!!!

Most of you probably know that Rude Awakening was recently in the running for Book of the Year (Christian Small Publishers Association, 2013, Christian Living category). It did not win, but the amount of support the book received was overwhelming and humbling. As a way of saying thank you for all your votes, I am placing the book ON SALE (print book 50% off, eBooks 75% off) for the next four weeks (sale ends Friday, May 24). More information is posted below. I deeply appreciate all those who took the time to cast their votes!


The paperback version of Rude Awakening is now 50% off! (288 Pages, $15.95  $7.98) It is available at Amazon.com (may qualify for free shipping) or through this site’s cart (money back guarantee applies).

The eBook versions of Rude Awakening are also ON SALE (75% off, now only 99 cents)!

The (Kindle) version is available HERE. Don’t have an eReader? You don’t need one! Several FREE Kindle Apps are available which enable you to read on your PC, Mac, iPad or phone.

The Nook version of the eBook is available HERE.


Note: For those of you who purchased the print book or the eBook in the past three months and paid regular price, I will be happy to refund the difference. Please use the contact form on this site to let me know.

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